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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Gather Opinions on Inconveniences of Life in City for Reflection in Policy

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will gather the opinions of foreign residents via the Seoul Global Center’s website (http://global.seoul.go.kr) from October 17 to 25, and will use the issues they raise as topics for discussion at the “Seoul Town Meeting” set for December.

    Photos from the 2010 Seoul Town Meeting

    Seoul’s foreign residents can submit their views on any inconveniences they have experienced while living in Seoul, along with any proposals they may have on how to make Seoul a more convenient city to live in via the website.

    More than 100 international residents in Seoul, primarily from non-OECD countries, including foreigners married to Korean nationals, will be invited to this year’s meeting, which will serve as a forum for proposing in-depth ideas as well as for airing opinions gathered via the Internet and the ideas of foreign chiefs of the Seoul Global Village Centers run by the City Government.

    The annual Seoul Town Meeting, first held in 2000, brings together international residents in Seoul, officials from the City Government, and foreign experts to discuss difficulties in various areas of life in Seoul, including transportation, tourism, culture, education and medical services. The City Government has actually adopted some of the proposals submitted at the Town Meeting, and addressed some of the inconveniences faced by foreign residents, in order to practically increase their satisfaction with life in Seoul.

    Some programs have already been put into practice, including the system for reporting Jeonse (rent based on a lump-sum down payment) and monthly rents, the issuance of check cards that can be used overseas, the creation of an online movie and play reservation service for foreigners, the preparation of venues where foreigners’ art clubs can conduct their creative activities, the establishment of foreign schools, and the construction of an integrated website on the use of sports facilities for foreigners.