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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Fund Community Service Projects

  • SMG 2849

    Seoul City announced the Launch of “Community Service Investment Project” Targeting Low Income Groups, Children, Youth, Disabled, Elderly Community Service Investment Project is an initiative whereby local governments develop and implement community service projects according to regional characteristics and welfare needs of residents. It consists of 90 projects involving the distribution of service vouchers to recipients. 7 out of the 90 projects will be undertaken by Seoul City while the other 83 projects are by local governments.

    The 7 services undertaken by Seoul City include Infant Care Service, Disabled and Elderly Care, Rental and Reform of Posture Correction Devices for Handicapped, Exercise Prescription for Elderly, Total Care for Mental Patients, Vision Development Support for Children and Youth, and Psychological Support for Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities.

    Firstly, to address worries about late development of infants (basic development, language development, early awareness, emotional and social development) the integrated Early Intervention Center will provide services to encourage the normal development of infants.

    In addition, the Vision Development Support for Children and Youth scheme will provide support for activities to address youth social issues and help cultivate responsible members of the society.

    The Rental and Reform of Posture Correction Devices for disabled children and youth under 19 years will aid the rehabilitation of disabled children and youth with limb and brain injuries.

    Exercise Prescription for Elderly scheme provides those above 65 years with health check and aquatic exercise services to help improve the health of the elderly and weak.

    What is E-Voucher?
    ◇ A system to raise purchasing power with a credit note guaranteed by the government for a particular commodity or service
    ◇ Use your Voucher Card to pay for the service (a blend of the merits of cash payment and payment in kind)