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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Focus on Promotion of 2020 Smart City Seoul during Korea Regional Development Week

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will participate in the 2011 Korea Regional Development Week, which is being held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju Metropolitan City from September 7 to 9. At the event, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will introduce to investors from Korea and elsewhere the progress and future vision of its bid to join the ranks of the Global Top Five Cities under the theme “2020 Smart City Seoul.”

    Hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Presidential Committee on Regional Development, the Korea Regional Development Week is an exhibition for the development of local regions which brings together 16 provincial and metropolitan city governments. The event showcases major projects implemented by provincial governments, and gives visitors a chance to share the related investment policy and the progress of their implementation.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will operate a promotional booth under the theme of “2020 Smart City Seoul,” which is also the City Government’s first economic master plan, and the first mid- to long-term general economic and industrial development initiative set by a metropolitan or provincial government, as announced last May.

    The City Government will introduce to investors from Korea and overseas its future growth engine industries, which it is strategically cultivating. The City Government will also introduce the projects it has implemented with foreign investment, including Sangam-dong DMC, Magok district development, the Seoul International Financial Center project in Yeouido, and the redevelopment of Seoul Grand Park, thereby intensively promoting the investment environment and investment opportunities to potential investors.

    Additionally, the City Government will promote Seoul’s investment projects to more than 20 foreign investors invited by KOTRA, and offer one-on-one investor counseling while stepping up its efforts to attract investment.

    The City Government will conduct one-on-one investor counseling for investors interested in Seoul at the event site from 2 pm on September 7. It will also offer onsite tours and an informational session designed to induce investment in major projects, including Sangam-dong DMC, on September 8.

    The Korea Regional Development Week has been opened to the public, free of charge, in order to promote the public’s awareness of and participation in the government’s regional development projects. The event will again offer diverse things for visitors to see and do, including a 3-D movie theater and an exhibition of cutting-edge motion capture equipment.

    ※ Promotional booth at Korea Regional Development Week

    Seoul Metropolitan Government exhibition booth