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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Fine Businesses that do not Comply with Energy Saving Instructions Starting July

  • Environment & Energy news SMG 2985

    Starting July, buildings that do not comply with Seoul City’s energy saving instructions will be slapped with a fine of up to 3 million won per case. The energy saving instructions include keeping the entrance doors shut or maintaining indoor temperature of not lower than 26℃ while the building’s air-conditioner is turned on.

    The country is experiencing the worst power supply situation this summer. Considering such situation, Seoul City, together with the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Energy, will ensure that the energy saving campaign is strictly observed particularly in eight leading commercial districts in the city, such as Myeong-dong and Gangnam-daero.

    Officials will check by visiting each of the 13,000-plus buildings using 100kWh of electricity. The frequency of visits will be at least twice a week.

    The check will exclude medical facilities, social welfare facilities, kindergartens, school classrooms, laboratories, and computer rooms.