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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to encourage 30% of Jjimjilbang (Korean Spa), Workout Facilities, and Restaurants to Switch to LED Lighting by 2014

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government will encourage about 30% of the 114,000 power-guzzling stores frequented by many customers, such as jjimjilbang, workout facilities, and restaurants, to replace their existing lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting by next year.

    Last July 29, the Seoul Metropolitan Government signed an agreement to that effect with the Korea Food Service Industry Association and the Korea Public Bath Houses Association.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to push through with the plan by drawing attention to the fact that they can save up to 70% on their energy bill if they use energy-efficient LED lighting, in addition to offering diverse incentives. Most of them are using 25 W lamps, but they will be encouraged to use bulb-type LED lighting (7~10 W).

    Concerning businesses that agree to replace more than 90% of their lighting with LED lighting, the City will provide loans of up to 1 billion won at a low interest rate (2% per annum) to ease their burden.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government will also cooperate with the Green Consumer Network to supply LED lighting at up to 35% discount.

    The period for investment recovery is less than a year; businesses will enjoy the benefit of reduced utility charge every month.

    The City will attach a LED lighting certification mark to the entrance of businesses that completed the replacement of their lighting. The names of the businesses will be carried on the news bulletins published by autonomous district offices as part of efforts to publicize them.

    The Korea Food Service Industry Association also agreed to do their best to reduce their food waste. A 10% reduction of food waste will be equivalent to 24,601 tons of food waste a year; this translates into about 2.4 billion won savings in waste handling expense.