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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to construct DMC Media Cultural Complex

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    The Sangam Digital Media City (DMC) will be constructed as a Korean version of Hollywood with the advice and assistance of representative Korean movie directors, film producers and movie professionals.

     Concept Map of Media Cultural Complex On May 25, Seoul Metropolitan Government invited filmmakers, producers and professors from the relevant academic circles as well as movie directors to share their practical advice in order to kick off the construction plan of the Korean version of Hollywood, which is scheduled for completion by 2014.

    The kick-off meeting, held in a conference room of the DMC High-Tech Industry Center at 2pm on May 25, served as an occasion to announce the launch of the plan to transform the DMC into the Korean version of Hollywood according to the 「DMC Step 2. Recreation plan」 drawn up in February 2011. The Seoul Development Institute will conduct research on the feasibility study and the establishment of a basic plan for the construction of the Media Culture Hub Complex until October 2011.

    In addition, experts in film-related industries agreed to expand the infrastructure, including the Media Cultural Complex, which is designed to make the DMC a media culture hub both in name and reality, and also to develop it as a Mecca of film production, experience, and marketing in Asia, while promoting the hallyu (Korean wave) and functioning as edutainment.

    Unlike any other closed meetings between the employer and the contractor, the meeting was held to share the opinions of professionals in the relevant industries equipped with practical experience and know-how, and to reflect their ideas in the project along with the needs of customers who will utilize the facilities.

    With the aid of experts Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to determine the requirements and the applicable points to create the best Korean wave culture content manufacturing base, in terms of specialty and effectiveness, in the northeast.