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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Consider the Latest Information from Overseas Reporters from Around the World in its City Policy

  • SMG 1644

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has 145 people as its overseas reporters, including 74 foreigners and 71 Korean nationals living abroad, who are tasked with gathering exemplary policy and information cases on major cities for 80 cities in 33 countries.

    Overseas reporters, which the Seoul’s city government has been managing since 2008, are gathering the latest information in real time about the major cities where they reside, and they are conveying this information to the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The city’s government reviews and refers to such information in setting its city administration policy.

    Overseas reporters conduct research about tasks given by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and submit reports on such tasks. The city’s government then considers and reflects the contents of these reports in setting its policy.

    Overseas reporters, who are working around the world, are comprised of foreigners who are interested in Seoul, ethnic Koreans, Korean students studying abroad, and the staff of government agencies and private companies working in foreign countries. They include experts from all walks of life, including designers, journalists, police, and architects.

    By continent, overseas reporters are comprised of 66 people in the Asia-Pacific region, 34 in North and Latin America, and 22 in Europe and Africa. By occupation, they include 68 students, 12 journalists, and four each of civil servants and designers.

    Overseas reporters have completed as many as 10 tasks on study of foreign cities thus far. Currently, they are gathering data on a “Foreigner-Only Community Center.”

    Meanwhile, based on its experience from managing overseas reporters over the past years, the city’s government set a “2012 Plan on Ways to Activate Overseas Reporters,” which calls for increasing the number of such correspondents, primarily from among experts in public administration in areas that require many project tasks, including the Americas and Europe, and will implement the plan in earnest from next year.

    The city’s government recruits overseas reporters constantly on an irregular basis. For more information, please contact the International Cooperation Division of the Seoul Metropolitan Government at +82-2-6321-4492.