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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Consider Foreign Students’ Ideas in Administration

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government, which has implemented various programs to assist foreigners in a bid to develop Seoul into a great city for foreigners to live, plans to gather various creative policy ideas from foreign students studying in the City, and actually implement them in the city’s administration.

    TOPIS, 2nd Policy Proposal Presentation Session

    The City Government has recruited 84 students from 32 countries, who will conduct activities through the Seoul International Student Forum (SISF), which marks its fourth annual event this year. The forum will hold a general assembly at the Seoul Human Resource Development Center in Seocho-dong at 3 pm on June 24, and kick off its activities in earnest with a two-day workshop.

    Foreign student members of the SISF will intensively participate in the forum’s activities during the two months of their summer vacation from July to August. During the period they will visit a number of Seoul Metropolitan Government organizations and engage in various activities related to city administration, including an experience of Korean culture.

    The City Government will link the forum with the Global Internship program, which provides foreign students with an opportunity to work at various administrative departments dealing with foreign residents of the City, thereby enabling participants in the annual forum to take this internship and encouraging members to proactively engage in the activities of the forum.