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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to carry out an orientation program for foreign students

  • Integrated News SMG 1948

    The Seoul Global Center is planning on working in conjunction with 9 Seoul City universities to launch a “visiting orientation” program for international students who are about to start a new academic semester this September. The orientation program will consist of a question and answer time that is aimed at providing the necessary information that international students who are adapting to their new lives in Seoul require, such as the use of public transportation and applying for mobile phone service. Moreover, Seoul Metropolitan Government’s support services for foreigners living in Seoul and its various other services (immigration, tourism, banking, etc.) that are available at the Seoul Global Center will also be introduced so that the students can find answers to their questions.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government currently operates a variety of programs for international students, such as an International Student Forum and a Global Internship program (during the summer and winter vacation of each year), and these programs will be promoted to the participants of the orientation.