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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to be Generating Electric Power from the Rooftops of Government Buildings to Supply Power to 1,600 Households

    SMG 1305
  • The Seoul Metropolitan Government will be providing spaces available atop government buildings and Arisu Center to a proprietor of solar energy generation business at a low cost so that more energy can be generated.

    The Government will provide the solar energy generation proprietor 3 basic environmental facilities, 5 government buildings for a total of 8 locations as model locations. It is expected that from the rooftops of these government buildings, an annual supply of 5,750 MWh, will be generated for use by 1,600 households. For this, the Government has amended its regulations, reduced the rent for the commonly-owned properties from 5% to 1%, resolved solar energy regulations concerning residential areas and the like, and will improve the complicated approval procedures, so that a foundation upon which expansion of new renewable energy distribution can be actively pursued.

    According to the Seoul Institute, there are 670,000 buildings in Seoul, and the total roof area is around 102.6 ㎢, which is 1/6 of the area of Seoul itself at 605 ㎢. In addition, the total solar energy that can be potentially generated is 200 million TOE, which is the same in scale to what the Government set as the energy savings/generation goal to be achieved by 2014.