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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Avoid Power Blackout This Summer in Cooperation with the People

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that Seoul City Hall, autonomous district offices, and all affiliated institutions will do their best to save electricity to address problems in power supply and avoid power blackout this summer.

    Under the plan, the work for photovoltaic power generation facilities will be completed earlier. The pumping of water into the Cheongyecheon and Jungnangcheon streams will be reduced drastically during peak hours. Subway train operation will also be reduced by 12.5% except during the rush hours.

    Starting July 1, a business found to have its main doors opened when the air-conditioner is on will be slapped with a fine of up to 3 million won. Officials of Seoul Meropolitan Government as well as the relevant district office will focus their check on businesses in eight areas, including Myeong-dong, Gangnam-daero, Sinchon, and Hongik Univ. Station.

    On June 10, Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the Comprehensive Measure for Energy Saving in Summer 2013 in an effort to address the problems in power supply this year, including the following: 15% energy saving in the public sector; imposing fines on businesses not complying with the lower limit of indoor temperature (26℃) or doing business with doors ajar when the air-conditioner is on, and; asking for the private sector’s positive cooperation.

    Tips on Saving Electricity in Summer

    Must-do methods

    Household electric appliances

    • Refrain from using air-conditioners as much as possible.
    • Unplug the appliances when not in use.
    Air conditioning

    • Keep the indoor temperature at 26℃ or higher.
    • Be sure to keep the doors shut when the air-conditioner is on.
    • Refrain from using air conditioners during peak hours.

    • Do not use unnecessary lights (including those for signboards and outdoor lightings).

    • Refrain from using electricity during peak hours (2:00 ~ 5:00 PM).

    Recommended methods

    Household electric appliances

    • Set the indoor temperature one notch higher.
    • Reduce the use of TV and computer. Turn off goods on display.
    • Set the computer to power save mode.
    • Choose appliances with high energy efficiency.
    Air conditioning

    • Use gas-powered air-conditioners where possible.

    • Use highly efficient lighting such as LED.
    • Use sunlight as much as possible.
    • Turn off all lights on the showcase outside business hours.

    Important things to do
    ① Turn off the TV set top box.
    ② Do not use the keep warm function of rice cookers.
    ③ Use LED lighting.
    ④ Clean the refrigerator once a week.
    ⑤ Unplug the bidet or water purifier when not in use.
    ⑥ Turn off all lights in the house once a month.
    ⑦ Join the eco mileage program.