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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Teams up with Korean Air to Promote City

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    Cover of the jointly-published “S Book - Seoul City Guidebook”, Seoul City advertisement in the S Book - Seoul City GuidebookThe Seoul Metropolitan Government will team up with Korean Air to conduct a 2011 Joint Overseas Marketing campaign in a bid to increase awareness of their respective brands and create synergistic marketing effects.

    First, the City Government will collaborate with Korean Air’s overseas branches and various tour agencies to develop Seoul Tour products that highlight Seoul’s unique character and to reflect the abundance of extraordinary sights to see in the city.

    Based on data on overseas tour demand gathered through Korean Air’s overseas branches, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Korean Air will together develop regionally customized tour products, including a ‘Seoul Tour with Famed Disc Jockeys’ and a special ‘Summer Vacation Seoul Tour.’

    Second, the two partners will distribute various promotional materials, including a brochure of Seoul City designed to introduce the countless charms of the Korean capital to the world, via Korean Air’s 86 branches.

    Brochure of Seoul City (photos by National Geographic photographer Jodi Cobb), 2010 Korean Air commercial (Seoul City), Korean Air flight

    The newly published brochure to be distributed worldwide consists of a collection of photos of Seoul’s most attractive hotspots, which were taken by the famed photographer Jodi Cobb of National Geographic. More than 10,000 copies of this publication will be distributed to Korean Air customers who visit the airline’s overseas branches.

    Finally, the City Government and Korean Air will jointly publish a coupon book “S Book – Seoul City Guidebook” targeting Japan and China, the largest markets for Seoul tours, and will step up their efforts to attract more tourists.

    The new S Book – Seoul City Guidebook contains diverse information on Seoul as well as discount coupons, which visitors can freely use at various sites throughout the City, enabling them to maximize their fun and enjoy shopping and dining more conveniently.