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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Teams Up with K-Pop Stars to Promote City to Hallyu Fans

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    Having recognized that attention worldwide has recently expanded beyond interest in Korea’s hallyu stars to include general Korean culture, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to conduct intensive city marketing campaigns targeting the Asian region jointly with K-Pop singers with the focus on the city’s most charming tourist attractions.

    Shinee,Hallyu stars’ performance

    First, the City Government will join forces with SM Entertainment and hold a K-Pop Asian tour in China, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan to promote Seoul and hallyu culture to concertgoers.

    The Asian concert tour will start with a performance in Taiwan by popular idol singer “Shinee” on July 16. The tour will then move on to Nanjing, China in August, followed by Southeast Asia during the second half. The City Government will install a Seoul PR Zone in the three regions to introduce the charms and strengths of the city to members of the audience, and play and distribute promotional materials and video clips of the City.

    Promotion of hit TV drama 2010 ‘Boys Over Flowers’

    Furthermore, the City Government plans to set up a Photo Zone that will feature full portraits of popular hallyu singers against a backdrop of Seoul Metropolitan City, and hold various sweepstakes and giveaway events to capture the concert-going public’s attention.

    The Asian Concert Tour is also expected to attract more than 40,000 local hallyu fans in its wake. As such, the Seoul Metropolitan Government expects the direct promotion of Seoul to provide a rare opportunity to highlight the charms of Seoul, the hub of hallyu, directly to audience members.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government PR page, Promotional leaflet for stickers for blocking electro-wave frequencies

    The City Government will also hold the K-Pop Covers Competition at the performance venues in Southeast Asia, the winners of which will be granted a free Seoul tour ticket as a supplementary prize, as the event is expected to draw feverish attention from hallyu fans.

    Additionally, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold a “Storytelling Contest for My Four-Day Seoul Tour” under the theme of “You too are heroines of hallyu dramas,” from late July in a bid to maintain the hallyu fever in China and Japan. The winners of the contest will have a chance to tour Seoul in line with the stories they write.

    The winning pieces of the Seoul Tour Storytelling Contest will be announced in late August on the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s tour information site i Tour Seoul (www.visitseoul.net). The winners will be given a chance to visit Seoul during September ~ October.