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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Teams Up with China’s Top Portal Sina.com to Promote Seoul

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    2010 Seoul tour of invited sina.com power bloggersThe Seoul Metropolitan Government will sign a memorandum of understanding with sina.com, China’s largest portal site, on May 27, and will conduct far-reaching promotion to increase the Chinese people’s affection for Seoul.

    Under the MOU, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and sina.com will maintain their marketing partnership for three years from 2009, and will conduct diverse marketing activities to promote Seoul, including a sina.com power blog open competition, Seoul tours, and the production and distribution of contents on Seoul.

    Seoul City Page in sina.comThe Seoul Metropolitan Government and sina.com have invited about forty Chinese power bloggers to Seoul and introduced the Korean capital to them over the past two years. The two sides also plan to hold an online open audition for Chinese power bloggers who are interested in Seoul, and invite them on a Seoul tour this year.

    After visiting Seoul, the power bloggers produce contents that are closely related with living in Seoul by mobilizing their experience and capacity to access information, rather than by providing unilateral information and rigid media news. Such contents are highly sought after, as they increase the public’s affection for Seoul and provide useful information.

    Seoul-related contents in sina.com power blogAccording to the Korea Tourism Organization, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Seoul in May increased 78.3 percent year on year from 86,392 last year to 154,066 this year. The constant exposure of Seoul contents via sina.com’s power blogs is believed to have made a significant contribution to this success.

    Through the MOU, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has secured an exclusive marketing space without any extra costs through December. As such, the partnership is likely to be considered an exemplary model of “low-cost, high-efficiency marketing.”

    * Seoul Metropolitan Government’s sina blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/lm/z/hanguo/