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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Supports the Filming of Three Thai TV Programs in Seoul

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    Thailand, the center of Hallyu or the Korean Wave in Southeast Asia, heated up with “Hello Stranger,” a movie with Seoul as the backdrop last year. Following the movie’s success, a Seoul tour product package was created, and more than 3,000 Thais visited Seoul through this tour that went just to movie filming locations, as the movie significantly affected the patterns of Thai people’s Seoul tours.

    A scene from Hello Stranger– Myeong-dong, A scene in Hello Stranger – N Seoul Tower

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is set to provide support for the production of Thai TV programs by inviting actress Nuengthida Sophon to Seoul, the heroine in “Hello Stranger,” through the Korea Thailand Communication Center (KTCC), a co-production company of the movie.

    The heroine wins the lead actress award at the Thailand National Film Awards Supannahong, The official poster for, Hello Stranger.

    The city’s government will support the filming of the following three programs in Seoul, “Systerday,” “Wake club,” and “Movie trip,” all of which are co-produced by KTCC and GMM Grammy, a large entertainer management and production firm in Thailand. The programs will be primarily aired on Thailand’s five national TV channels during prime times on the weekend.

    By supporting the production of these programs, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will introduce Seoul’s new tourism hotspots, and help them develop into tourism products. By launching “Star marketing campaigns,” which are banking on Thai’s top entertainer, who has enjoyed instant stardom through the success of the movie, the city’s government expects that it will introduce the Korean capital to the Thai people in a more friendly fashion.

    Apart from these production and broadcast firms, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will also invite reporters from the famous travel magazine, “Travel Around World,” and from major dailies in Thailand, including “The Bangkok Post,” Krungthep Thurakij, and “Post Today,” Komchadluek, and will guide these reporters to write feature stories on Seoul.

    Meanwhile, after special shows on Seoul and news reports promoting Seoul tourism are played and published in Thailand, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will proactively support the introduction of new Seoul tour products. In this year’s second half, the city’s government will conduct “Seoul Tour Experience Group” events via a website that uses a map to introduce the sites where the movie and TV programs are filmed, and also via a popular social media service channel in Thailand. Going beyond the simple promotion of Seoul, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to be practical in its approach to attracting tourists to the city by implementing systematic plans and thus generating a new form of Hallyu tourism.