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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Starts Operating Amsa PV Power Plant on July 30

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    The newly built Amsa Photovoltaic Power Plant in Amsa-dong, Seoul started operation on July 30. It is the largest one of its kind in the Greater Seoul area.

    Located on a 76,800㎡ area (as large as about ten soccer fields), the environment-friendly power generation facility has used a total of 19,700 sheets of modules and 5,500 workers for the construction work. By year-end, the expansion work for the power plant will be completed, and the largest domestic PV power plant will be built on a public site. The city built the 13.7 billion won facility entirely with private capital, using public space left idle. It will receive 2.5 billion won in rent (125 million won a year) for the next 20 years.

    The 5 MW facility was built on the supra-structure of the Amsa Arisu Water Purification Center through the attraction of 13.7 billion won in private capital from OCI and Energy Sharing & Peace Foundation.

    Compared to the southern areas, the conditions of Seoul and its vicinity are unfavorable for photovoltaic power generation, i.e., shorter sun hours and high construction and maintenance cost. Despite such condition, the plant carries significance as the first large PV power generation facility in Seoul and as part of the energy-saving campaign (Let’s Reduce the Number of Nuclear Power Plants).

    Upon completion of the remaining work, which is set for year-end, the capacity will increase to 6.2MW.

    On July 30, Seoul City started the operation of the facility after a ceremony held at the Amsa Arisu Water Purification Center. About 200 people attended, including Mayor of Seoul, Seoul Metropolitan Council Chairman, Mayor of Gangdong-gu, members of the National Assembly, and construction company representatives.