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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government SNS for 1:1 Communication with Potential Investors All Over the World

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    In late October 2011, Seoul Metropolitan Government created an official account (http://www.linkedin.com/company/invest-seoul) on the business social network service Linkedin to promote investment in Seoul. The city conducts marketing through this establishment of 1:1 communication for global potential investors.

    Linkedin is the largest business social network service in the world, with over 120 million users from around 200 countries and more than 2 million accounts from registered companies and institutes. Approximately 50% of its members are of managerial level or above (CEO 7%), with an average educational profile of college level or above, and an average annual salary of $107,000.

    With the full utilization of Linkedin, which is specialized for business, Seoul Metropolitan Government has established a potential investor network for members who might be interested in investing in Seoul, and responds to their inquiries and questions about Seoul through bidirectional communication. In the two months since opening the account, there have been 57 inquiries from potential investors through Linkedin, most of which were related to Seoul projects. In particular, investors were largely interested in the IFC Seoul and Digital Media City projects.

    In addition to Seoul investment invitation projects, there have been business inquiries related to Seoul investment invitation, the existence of certain investment invitation projects inside Seoul, investment procedures, and the related laws.

    Other inquiries mainly concerned such issues as Seoul’s living environment and employment situation. There was also a case in which a foreign company requested support for the recruitment of local Korean workers.

    Meanwhile, Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to analyze the direct contact with those interested in investment using SNS and utilize the results to provide customized information to investors and more general information on investment invitation.