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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Signs MOUs with Global Enterprises at the Investor Relations Session on Finance and Investment in the U.S.

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government made a string of achievements at a “Bio Expo,” that was held in Baltimore, Maryland, and at a “Financial Conference” in New York in November. The achievements include the city government of MOUs with global enterprises, and the successful promotion of Seoul as an Asian hub of investment and finance to officials from financial institutions and investment companies in the U.S. center of the global economy.

     [Korea-Maryland Bio Expo] Matching between Ewha Womans University and Johns Hopkins University on research collaboration. [Financial Hub Seoul Conference] MOU signing between Seoul Metropolitan Government and PGA.

    First off, the Seoul Metropolitan Government actively assisted an MOU between Ewha Womans University and the University of Maryland, which jointly participated in the “Korea-Maryland Bio Expo 2011” held in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as an MOU between Unhwa, a Korean meristematic stem cell company, and an affiliated research center of the Maryland Medicine School.

    At the expo, Ewha Womans University and the University of Maryland signed an MOU on education and research cooperation and pledged to conduct joint research.

    Ewha Womans University also held consultations with Johns Hopkins University about a possible joint research on cancer treatment equipment that incorporates three-dimensional video technology, and they also opened a channel for practical research collaboration.

    On November 3, the city government also convened a “Financial Hub Seoul Conference,” which was attended by more than 120 people from 40 financial institutions in New York. At the conference, the city’s government signed MOUs on the creation of a financial hub with four global enterprises, including Pyramis Global Advisors (PGA), a subsidiary of the U.S. financial giant Fidelity.

    At the conference targeting major potential investors, including Wall Street financiers, the city’s government introduced its, “Plan to create a financial hub,” which is aimed at developing Seoul into one of the three financial hubs in Asia by 2020 by creating the Yeouido Seoul International Finance Center, and a plan to support foreign invested companies through tax reductions, financial assistance, and financial deregulations.