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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government set to impose fines of up to three million won on businesses running A/C with the doors open

  • Integrated News SMG 1792

    In order to prevent an emergency situation in the summer when energy consumption surges rapidly, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced its ‘comprehensive summer energy saving plan’. The government also plans to urge not only government offices but also the private sector to participate in energy saving efforts to lessen the chance of blackouts during the summer.

    The main points of the ‘comprehensive summer energy saving plan’ include the imposition of fines of up to 3 million won on businesses running A/C with the doors open; the mandatory obligation for all government offices to consume 10% less energy compared with the previous year; the elimination of hidden power wastage through the ‘energy guardian’; the offering of advice on excessive A/C usage; and the inspection of large private buildings.

    The city of Seoul will allow a grace period for the month of June before beginning to impose fines during a clampdown set to last from July 1 to September 21, responding strongly to energy waste. A first offence will receive a warning, but from the second offence, fines ranging from 500,000 up to three million won will be imposed according to the number of offences.

    The city first plans to make it mandatory for Seoul’s headquarters and boroughs, investment and contribution institutions, and business offices to use 10% less energy compared to the previous year. Government offices will be required to keep the thermostat 2℃ higher than the private sector at 28℃ and to completely shut off A/C during peak hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).