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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Selects Three Honorary Vice Mayors in Competition

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government has selected three Honorary Vice Mayors to represent underprivileged citizens, including the disabled, senior citizens, and youth in a strict review process.

     From left, Kim Yeong-gyeong, Yang Won-tae, Mayor Park Won Soon, Park Jong-hwa The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced its selection of Yang Won-tae (47) as Honorary Vice Mayor for the Disabled, Park Jong-hwa (67) as Honorary Vice Mayor for Senior Citizens, and Kim Yeong-gyeong (31) as Honorary Vice Mayor for Youth from among 79 candidates, including 64 who were recommended through open referral by the public, and 15 by departments of the City Government. The City presented them with letters of appointment on February 13.

    The City Government conducted a rigorous screening process to select three Honorary Vice-Mayors endowed with a strong sense of commitment, balanced views, and the ability to fairly gather public opinions and accurately communicate public sentiment. The first-round document screening, which was based on proactive recommendations by citizens and resumes that were disclosed by the candidates themselves, focused on a sense of equilibrium to deliver a balanced view on activities and respective fields. The second-round review of interviews was conducted with the focus on determining whether the candidates generally hold critical views on issues in their respective fields, and whether they have the capacity to present their own alternative policy measures.

    The Honorary Vice-Mayors will attend a regular monthly meeting with the Seoul Mayor, and participate in policy workshops and various events in respective fields. Notably, they will have access to the private email address and mobile phone number of Mayor Park Won Soon, thereby enabling them to freely communicate with him at all times. They can also conduct their duties in a prompt and efficient fashion using a special office space installed at meeting rooms in the City Hall.