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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Selects Ten Leading News Stories in The First Half Year of 2013

  • SMG 2360

    Between July 26 and August 2, Seoul Metropolitan Government selected the ten leading news stories in the first half year of 2013 based on online votes by local residents and Seoul Metropolitan Government officials.

    Topping the list was “the energy saving campaign (Let’s Reduce the Number of Nuclear Power Plants).” It is a campaign to reduce the energy use and produce new and renewable energy by using photovoltaic power plants (hopefully an amount equivalent to the power produced by a power plant, i.e., 1GW). The number of people taking part in the campaign is continuously increasing. More than a million people have signed up for the Eco-Mileage Campaign.

    The adoption of late-night buses (operating between midnight and 5:00 AM) came in second. It was first adopted in April, and the number of routes will be increased from the current two to eight by the end of August.

    Clean accounting of apartment administrative expense ranked third. In March, a portal site for the disclosure of apartment operation information was newly opened and is operated through an apartment management support center in the form of public-private partnership.

    The news items that landed on the 4th and 5th spots were easing the burden of nursing expenses and car pool as the solution to the problem of high oil prices.

    Creation of New Deal jobs designed to provide a shot in the arm for the difficult economic situation ranked No. 6 in the news. This was followed by turning non-regular workers into regular workers at No. 7.

    Construction of 80,000 rental apartments in a new way (less expense, higher efficiency) landed on 8th place. Setting up free Wi-Fi zones in major streets, parks, and traditional markets was ranked 9th. Provision of additional public daycare centers using spaces left idle was no. 10.