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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Selects Child and Teenager Category Winners of Citizens’ Awards(Foreigner Wins Teenager Award)

  • SMG 1981

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has selected 93 winners (in the child and teenager categories) of the Seoul Metropolitan City Citizens’ Awards, and will hold an official award ceremony during Children’s Month and Youth in May at the international conference hall in the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the 89th Children’s Day, which falls on May 5, 2011.

    The Seoul Metropolitan City Children’s and Teenagers’ Awards are presented in six categories encompassing filial piety and manners, volunteerism and cooperation, overcoming hardships, creative science and art, frugality and saving, and global leadership. A total of 437 applications were submitted from March 23 to April 1, after which the screening committee selected a total of 93 winners, including 34 winners of Children’s Awards, 38 winners of Teenagers’ Awards (including one foreigner), nine winners of Youth Awards, and twelve winners of Children’s and Teenagers’ Guidance Awards on April 20.

    Of the winners of the Teenagers’ Award, Imura Erika, a senior at Boseong Girls’ High School, was recommended in the global leadership subcategory. Since transferring from Japan in 2001 to Yongam Elementary School in Seoul as a fifth grader, she has successfully adapted to school life in Korea, and conducted volunteer activities in the U.S.A. and Nepal. Working from the international exchange department of her school, she conducted the school’s program for student visits to a Japanese school with which it has a sisterhood relationship. She also participated in Seoul City’s District 4 English speech contest to represent her school, where she won the top prize. Owing to her good academic performance, she has earned widespread trust and popularity among her classmates and teachers.