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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Seeks to Attract Foreign Tourists Through the Global Hansik Contest

  • Integrated News SMG 2193

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold a fusion hansik (Korean food) cooking contest called, “Delicious Seoul Story” in which participants cook hansik, and fusion hansik recipes that combine traditional Korean hansik or hansik ingredients with ingredients and recipes from different countries on the city’s YouTube channel(www.youtube.com/visitseoul). The contest will take place during October 1 to 31.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the contest as part of its far-reaching publicity initiatives to expand hallyu, which was focused on dramas, movies, and K-pop, so as to lead people from around the world into paying attention to and experience Korean culture, and to visit Korea.

    The event is co-hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Asiana Airlines. After a month-long Round One competition, which will be conducted online, the best five teams will be singled out. The five teams will be invited to Seoul in November to stage the final round of the contest, at which point the winning team will be selected.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government expects that the event will help foreign participants understand the stories behind hansik, and that it will encourage them to cook Korean food on their own and to try hansik foods like bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables and beef) or bulgogi (sliced and seasoned beef). By so doing, the City Government expects the event will induce foreigners to pay more attention to Korean culture, and cause them to want to visit Seoul.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is conducting various events aimed at enhancing the brand images of Seoul as a tourist destination in the wake of the “2010 – 2012 Visit Korea Year with Seoul.” Notably, the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Visit Korea Year’s website, (http://welcome.visitseoul.net/eng/index.jsp), which provides service in multiple languages including English and Chinese (simplified and original characters), is implementing events under various themes, including shopping, performance, airlines, and festivals, every month.