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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Seeks to Attract ‘Global Investors through SNS’

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has opened an official account (http://www.linkedin.com/company/invest-seoul) on linkedin, a business social network service, and is seeking to conduct one-on-one marketing targeting global investors.

    The City Government plans to discover potential investors around the world via linkedin, and to intensively promote Seoul’s excellent investment environment and considerable charms.

    Living up to its reputation as a “business social network,” linkedin reportedly recruits more than 50 percent of its members – whose average salary is said to be $107,000 – from among executives at manager or higher levels. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will form a close network with these corporate decision makers and investment experts, and conduct intensive target-marketing activities.

    Furthermore, the service will enable the City to build up a network with tens of thousands of investors without limitations in time and space, when compared with offline marketing, as well as allowing constant communication with them, among other advantages the City is poised to exploit.

    By making the most of the advantages offered by social media services, the City Government will instantly respond to inquiries from interested investors, providing them with information on investment projects to introduce the business opportunities that Seoul has to offer.

    Additionally, the City Government will pursue a new approach in investment promotion by shifting its investment promotion strategy from one centered on the conventional “business and living environment” to one focused on individual development projects, including the Magok District Investment Inducement Project and the Seoul International Finance Center.

    At the same time, the City Government plans to carry out investor relations activities by playing an active part in investor relations sessions and in exhibitions that it has been participating in promising cities. In this way, the City aims to introduce Seoul as a “great investment destination” to as many potential investors as possible, and to secure various channels for contacting investors.

    Also, the City Government will continue to implement diverse existing online promotion campaigns, and will expand integrated marketing communications combining online and offline marketing to promote the attractiveness of Seoul as a prime investment destination.

    Images of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s “linkedin” homepage and related photos