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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Secures 70 Million Fans Worldwide through SNS-based Promotion

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government is beefing up a campaign to promote itself through overseas marketing using various social networking services (SNS).

    Online/offline promotion ‘Fever Seoul 2010’ for the Americas region

    Seoul Metropolitan Government is operating a total of nine SNS promotion channels in three regional blocs including Europe, the Americas, and Japan and China. The number of visitors to the channels has now surpassed 70 million.

    To cater to users in Europe and the Americas, Seoul Metropolitan Government opened sites on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/seouldreamseries), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/hiseoul) and Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/seoulkorea), and is conducting PR activities that leverage the characteristics of people using the language of each region.

    Invitation to power blog on China’s Sina in 2010, Promotion of Seoul dramas in Japan

    More than 230,000 people have visited Seoul’s Facebook page, which is actively operated lately, over the past eleven months since its inauguration in May last year, as it provides diverse sources of information on fun things to see and do for foreign residents in Korea as well as for foreigners who are planning to visit Seoul.

    For the Greater China region, Seoul Metropolitan Government is operating a general blog on China’s top portal site Sina (http://www.sina.com/17seoul) and a meta blog (http://blog.sina.com.cn/lm/z/hanguo). People can also check out the attractions in Seoul at the Seoul PR site opened at Youku (http://u.youku.com/user_show/id_UMTM5Nzk4Mzky.html), the Chinese equivalent of YouTube.

    In the Chinese language region, the number of visitors to all three sites has increased exponentially, with as many as 2.77 million people visiting the general blog, 28 million visiting the meta blog, and 36 million visiting Youku. In the Japan region, Seoul Metropolitan Government also opened blogs on the portal site Yahoo (http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/hi_seoul_travel), the YouTube site (http://youtube.com/hiseoul), and a mobile site(http://hiseoul.mobi) last year. The number of visitors to these sites has exceeded 160,000 over the one-year period.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to conduct new concepts of urban marketing, including the expansion of integrated marketing campaign (IMC) of online and offline activities, which was tried for the first time last year and drew a highly enthusiastic response.

    The city also plans to conduct promotional activities in association with private sector companies under the themes of sports, IT performance, hansik (Korean food), dramas, and shopping in a concerted effort to introduce Seoul to the rest of the world.