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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Secures 138 Parking Spots for Tourist Buses

  • Integrated News SMG 2762

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a tourist bus parking plan which calls for a more than doubling of the number of parking spaces for tourist buses in downtown areas, in preparation for visits by both domestic and foreign tourists during the upcoming peak tourism season, and has secured an additional 138 parking spots in street sides, parking lots, and time-based parking sections this year.

    The City Government has been devising a ‘Seoul City tourist bus parking plan’ as well as pushing for various measures to increase the limited number of parking spaces for tourist buses in the city center and ensure their use, including the addition of 55 parking spots; the regular holding of taskforce meetings to widely utilize parking lots for tourist buses; the securing of time-based parking spaces; guidance and crackdown on tourist bus parking; and the provision of parking information.

    The City Government has secured 55 parking spots in five tourist bus parking lots, including off-street parking in Jeokseon-dong, and 83 spots in time-based street-side parking lots, thus creating a combined total of 138 extra spots this year (as of late May).

    The City Government has completed a review of parking rates with a view to giving discounts for tourist bus parking lots, will announce a legislation plan in June, and will start providing discounts beginning in the second half by revising its executive ordinances.

    The City Government provides a parking information and guidance service for tourist buses via the Topis website (topis.seoul.go.kr), and the Seoul Transport Operation and International Service’s mobile web (m.topis.seoul.go.kr). From July, the City Government will also provide real-time information on the number of parking spots (when more than ten spots are available), and various other kinds of parking information via the 25 VMS across the city.