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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Recruits Participants for the International Amateur Percussion Competition

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is recruiting percussion groups from Korea and overseas through August 28 to participate in the Amateur Percussion Competition of the Seoul Drum Festival 2011, and will host the event in September.

    Opening ceremony of the Seoul Drum Festival, Mobile Drum Concert

    The international percussion competition will bring together amateur performing teams from not only Korea but also from around the world. Since hearing news of the event, seven or eight teams from China and Japan have already expressed their intention to participate by sending a string of inquiries.

    Domestic percussion team, Foreign percussion team

    The contest invites performers of all different genres of percussion music, including traditional percussion, samulnori (percussion with four Korean drums), fusion percussion and western percussion. The preliminary contest will be held at Seoul Plaza on September 17 and 18, and the final round will take place at a special stage in Seoul Plaza on September 24.

    Exhibition of percussion instrument and experience, Special performance by Percussion Art Market

    Amateur percussion bands affiliated with middle and high schools, and universities, and adult bands are eligible to participate, as long as they have four or more members.

    The contest will award prizes to 22 teams, including eight in the student category and 14 in the general category. The grand prize winner will receive prize money of up to 10 million won, and prizes from the Seoul Mayor and the Superintendent of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. The top winner will also be given the chance to perform on the main stage at the 2012 event.

    Applications for the International Amateur Percussion Competition should be submitted to the Seoul Festival secretariat via email at (seouldrum99@naver.com), or by post by August 28. For further details on how to participate and submit an application, please refer to the Seoul Drum Festival website at (www.seouldrum.go.kr).

    For inquiries, please dial the Seoul Drum Festival 2011 Secretariat at (+82-2-757-2121)