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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Receives Submissions for the Seoul International Fashion Contest 2011

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is receiving submissions for the Seoul International Fashion Contest, which will take place in October.

    Creative Fashion Show of Universities

    This year’s Seoul International Fashion Contest will be held under the theme of ‘coexistence’. The organizers chose coexistence as the theme in the hope that nature and human beings will be able to coexist harmoniously in 2011, a year in which the world has already suffered a series of natural disasters, including the East Japan Earthquake.

    Final round fashion show of the contest , Comments and award ceremony

    Those eligible to participate in the contest include young people aged 18 to 30 of any nationality, who have an interest in fashion. The fashion portfolios to be showcased in a gala show will be chosen through a first-round screening of the candidates’ design map, and a second round review of their actual fashion work, and will be unveiled to domestic and overseas buyers and media through an exhibition to be held before the gala show. For further information on the contest, please visit the Seoul Business Agency’s website at (www.sfc.seoul.kr)

    Winners of the contest will be awarded prizes by the Seoul Mayor, plus prize money. They will also receive bonus points when applying to enter Seoul Creative Studio. Also, Korean winners in the contest will be offered internships with fashion companies, which should lead to meaningful employment opportunities.

    The Seoul International Fashion Contest 2011 is conducted as an integral part of the University Fashion Week, which marks its fourth anniversary this year. The University Fashion Week is staged to discover creative designers, promote exchanges between colleges, and provide young designers with employment opportunities by offering a venue for meetings with fashion companies.