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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Pushes Ahead with Eco-Friendly Fuel Cell Facilities

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government is pushing ahead with the development of fuel-cell power supply facilities in World Cup Park, which is currently being transformed into a new and renewable energy landmark. Fuel cells are suitable for downtown areas because they produce both electricity and heat and have the advantage of generating low levels of noise while offering a high degree of spatial efficiency.

    Together with the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Ltd (KHNP), the Korea District Heating Corporation (KDHC), Seoul City Gas, and POSCO Energy, Seoul signed an agreement to push ahead with the Noeul fuel-cell power generation project (total capacity of 20MW), which will be carried out with 100% private-sector capital. Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide the site and the various permits and approvals.

    Construction of the fuel-cell facility will begin in December 2013 and be completed in November 2014. The facility will generate sufficient electricity to meets the annual energy requirement of 43,000 households.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government and other participants in the project recognized that the development and diffusion of new and renewable energy sources are crucial for resolving future energy problems, and decided to enhance Seoul Metropolitan Government’s electric power independence and to expand its decentralized power supply facilities.

    This fuel-cell power generation facility will produce not only electricity but also heat for about 9,000 households. As such, Seoul Metropolitan Government will be able to enhance its energy independence and reduce its annual CO2 emission by 21,000 tons, thereby contributing to the nation’s climate change response.