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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Publishes, 『Prenatal Education for Immigrant Women』

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is set to publish a Prenatal Education for Immigrant Women ‘A Mother’s Whisper’ to support marriage immigrants’ healthy pregnancy and birthing. The project is intended as a solution to language difficulties experienced by the steadily increasing number of marriage immigrants who become pregnant and give birth in Korea, after moving to Korea at a young age.

    Cover of the Prenatal Education for Immigrant Women guide , Korean audio file recording session

    Prenatal Education for Immigrant Women ‘A Mother’s Whisper’ offers prenatal guidelines for five stages of pregnancy: preparing to become a mother→ early pregnancy → mid pregnancy → late pregnancy → and giving birth, through the medium of fairytales.

    The book will be translated into ten different languages, including Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, and Mongolian, to ensure that minority immigrants do not feel excluded and that they receive necessary information. A parallel text in Korean will also be included in the book to enable immigrants and children to study both languages at once. Korean audio files will be provided free on the Multicultural Family ‘Hanultari’ website (http://eng.mcfamily.or.kr/) to assist mothers who wish to read fairytales in Korean to the fetus.

    ‘A Mother’s Whisper’, a prenatal fairytale book for marriage immigrants, can be picked up free of charge from the Seoul City Immigration Bureau or any Multicultural Family Support Center (23 centers in total) or local office public service center.