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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Publishes『SEOUL & SHOPPING』Guidebook

  • Integrated News SMG 2516

    Seoul Metropolitan Government has published a shopping guidebook that introduces famous shopping venues all over Seoul, including well-known department stores in downtown Seoul and small shops hidden in alleys, and the hit products of leading cosmetics brands in Korea.

    『SEOUL & SHOPPING』 cover and inside page

    The City Government plans to publish 35,000 copies of the『SEOUL & SHOPPING』guidebook in English, Japanese and Chinese (in simplified characters) and distribute them free of charge to major shopping venues and tourist destinations including well-known hotels and department stores, duty free shops, tourist attractions, and tourist information centers.

    The『SEOUL & SHOPPING』guidebook will also serve as a guide which introduces famous shopping places and popular items of products to foreign tourists, and in particular, will provide practical information for tourists who are coming for the Seoul Summer Sale, which starts at the end of June.

    『SEOUL & SHOPPING』introduces 64 hit products of Korean cosmetics brands, with the focus on Myeong-dong, and also presents popular shopping venues and products in Seoul, including Cheongdam-dong, Apgujeong, Garosu-gil, Hongik University, traditional markets and so on.

    In addition, it provides interesting and diverse information, combining aspects of modern and traditional Korea and introducing places where people can experience Korea’s unique culture and lifestyle.

    Experts worked together to plan and create the『SEOUL & SHOPPING』guidebook as a specialized practical shopping guide in consideration of the increasing numbers of tourists who are coming to Seoul for shopping and beauty treatment.