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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Provides Korean Language Home Lessons to Children of Foreign Parents and Foreign Mothers

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    With the number of international residents in Seoul constantly rising, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is conducting a “Korean Language Home Lesson” program for children aged three to twelve to help prevent foreign parents from refusing their children admission to Korean schools, and to prevent those children from failing to adapt to school life, due to a lack of opportunities to learn Korean resulting from their parents’ lack of proficiency in the Korean language. The program is being conducted in collaboration with Daekyo, an education firm.

    The City Government plans to more than double the beneficiaries of the “Korean Language Home Lesson” program for children of foreign parents, from 200 people this year to 410 next year.

    The City Government offered Korean language home lessons to 200 children of foreign parents and multicultural families originating from China (29), Japan (17), the Philippines (11), Vietnam (11), Russia (6), and the U.S.A. (4) in 2011.

    The “Korean Language Home Lesson” program will be conducted as customized weekly one-on-one sessions after conducting individual language proficiency tests. Apart from Korean language lessons, the course will entail the provision of monthly magazines on education information; psychological assessment (twice yearly) designed to discover the latent potential of children via an individual aptitude test and to enable students to find a future course of study; a special lecture on Korean culture education (once yearly), through which professional lecturers provide living and culture information; and a social and cultural experience session (once yearly), which will include contents that are practically useful in real family and social life situations.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is looking for foreign children aged three to twelve (born January 1, 2000 to January 1, 2009) and children from multicultural families to participate in the “Korean Language Home Lesson” program between December 21 and 28. The successful applicants will be announced on the City Government’s website at (http://seoul.go.kr) on December 30.

    Applications can be submitted online via the website (http://seoul.go.kr), or by mail to the City Government’s Foreign Residents Assistance Division.

    For more information on the “Mobile Korean language lesson” program, please contact the Foreign Residents Assistance Division at (+82-2-2171-2849).