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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Promotes Seoul to 330 Million Fans of Manchester United

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    A “Discover Seoul Day” event was held at Old Trafford, the home ground of the English premier league soccer club Manchester United, to attract avid attention from soccer fans around the world.

    The event was held under the theme “Discover Seoul” at Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium at 12:30 pm (local time) on April 23, during a premier league match between Manchester United Football Club and Everton FC.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government installed a “Seoul Zone” outside the ground, and conducted various events targeting soccer fans to promote Seoul.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has also run advertisements on Seoul on digital boards at the Manchester United stadium for the past three seasons (from 2008-2009 to 2010-2011). The advertisements, each of which is 20 seconds long, were aired 4.5 times per match on average, for a combined total of 6,030 seconds. So far, a cumulative total of 4.2 billion people are presumed to have watched the Seoul ads.

    Korean soccer player Park Ji-sung of Manchester United said, “I have received warm support from Seoul City and its citizens over the past three seasons,” adding, “I was very pleased to meet Seoul and Korea at the Old Trafford Stadium. It was a great moment for me to see Koreans dancing and drumming at the soccer stadium. I felt like I was in my hometown.”

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has held Discover Seoul Day events in Manchester, U.K. since 2009 in conjunction with Manchester United’s games at its home ground. By holding the third Discover Seoul Day event this year during the April 23 match, which was viewed by nearly 330 million fans worldwide, Seoul widely promoted the charm of the Korean capital to the whole world.