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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Promotes Hallyu to Mark Export of Hit Drama

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will conduct a special event to promote Seoul to Chinese people in conjunction with the airing of the hit TV drama My Princess, which features such renowned hallyu stars as actor Song Seung-heon and actress Kim Tae-hee, by China Entertainment TV (CETV).

    CETV’s webpage on My Princess

    My Princess is a 16-episode drama series that was first aired on Korea’s MBC TV throughout January and February of this year. The drama, which has been exported to China, has been airing on CETV since August 23, enjoying immense popularity there.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is also conducting various promotional activities, including various offline events in line with the hallyu dramas currently being aired in the Asian region, including China, and supporting the production of the Seoul edition of the showbiz news shows of respective various Asian countries. Amid these efforts, the City Government is seeking to promote the Korean capital’s beauty and charms, as part of a broader ongoing campaign to attract TV viewers in these countries to Seoul. First off, CETV will host the “My Princess Pageant Contest,” in which participants will receive lessons on makeup skills and fashions currently in vogue in Seoul, as well as undergo an acting audition. (http://www.cetv.com/event/Mygz/index.htm)

    On September 3, six finalists will enter a final round of the “My Princess Pageant Contest” at Di Wang Plaza in Guangzhou, China, where they will wear the design fashion collection of D. NUE, which was originally introduced at Seoul Fashion Week, and promote Seoul as an attractive tourist destination.

    Furthermore, CETV, in conjunction with the airing of My Princess, will produce special editions (“My Princess Copycatting in Seoul”) of its flagship information show TrendyMaster, and will broadcast the three editions – “Follow-up on dating places,” “Copycat Kim Tae-hee Fashion” and “Romantic Seoul” – from September 5 to 7.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to use various events and the airing of special programs, including the My Princess Pageant Contest, to raise awareness of Seoul’s charms and promote the image of the Korean capital as a fashion hub to young Chinese people.

    Additionally, the City Government will continue to contact major foreign broadcasters and offer support for the production of various supplementary contents, on top of the airing of hallyu dramas, as it steps up its efforts to effectively promote Seoul all around the world.