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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Presents Policy for the Disabled in April, the Month of the Disabled

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 8454


    On April 20th, the Day of the Disabled, the Seoul Metropolitan Government decided to expand services for disabled individuals with developmental disorders, of whom the number is increasing every year, and to expand and enhance support for the disabled by strengthening human rights protection and creating jobs for the disabled.

    To this end, in July the SMG will first set up a support center for the disabled with developmental disorders and set up policies to support the families who take care of them. The support center will be responsible for establishing individual support plans for education, professions, and welfare throughout their life and for protecting their rights, thereby serving as a control tower for policies for the disabled with developmental disorders.

    In particular, considering that early detection of developmental disorders is critical, systematic management and support will be implemented by raising awareness of symptoms and diagnosis methods of developmental disorders to childcare centers and kindergartens, preparing and distributing a parents’ manual containing a wide range of information, and establishing a database.

    Second, the range of subjects for research of the human rights condition of the disabled will be expanded and expertise regarding human rights violations will be improved.

    In case of a human rights violation in residential facilities for the disabled, the operator of the facility will take the responsibility and the corporate body will be subject to strict countermeasures, such as the cancellation of incorporation permission, in order to strengthen social responsibilities for human rights.

    Third, the government will continue to more rigidly and broadly support independence of the disabled by creating jobs for them.