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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Participates in the “28th CITYNET Executive Committee”

  • Integrated News SMG 2015

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government participated in the “28th CITYNET Executive Committee” at the Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in Dhaka City, Bangladesh from November 25-26, and delivered a presentation on the development strategy for CITYNET, which will move its secretariat to Seoul in 2013, and on a Seoul-style overseas development assistance program, which will be implemented in earnest in the near future.

    Established in 1989, CITYNET is a representative international organization for the Asia-Pacific region, which aims for the construction of an efficient network between cities in the region, and sustainable urban development through policy exchange and international cooperation. The Seoul Metropolitan City joined the organization in 1989.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government participated in the CITYNET Executive Committee, which was held from 10 am on November 25, and proposed measures to ensure co-prosperity and cooperation, including CITYNET’s vision and development strategy, and ways to use the international cooperation network.

    Seo Jeong-ha, Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Advisory Ambassador for International Relations, announced in his presentation that Seoul Metropolitan Government would conduct proactive activities to pursue the co-prosperity of the member cities of CITYNET, which are mostly cities in developing nations. Notably, Seo also noted that the Korean capital will seek to expand Seoul-style ODA projects in cooperation with CITYNET member cities.

    Additionally, Seo presented ways to ensure stable operation of the CITYNET Secretariat, which will relocate to Seoul in 2013, and ways to strengthen the leadership of the participating cities.

    The conference was attended by 14 cities in the Asia region, including Yokohama, Dubai, Makati, Colombo and Kathmandu, and five organizations and institutions, including the World Bank based in the U.S., and the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific that is based in Thailand.

    Meanwhile, in order to develop CITYNET into a trustworthy international organization that links global cities with one another and that can represent the Asia and Pacific region by securing new member cities, the organization plans to expand its exchange and cooperation with the consultative bodies of cities, including the U.N., the World Bank, and the OECD, and thus elevate its international stature.