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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Operates 33 Eco-friendly Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will receive 33 hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicles, including 19 Mohaves (eco-friendly utility vehicles), and test and monitor the vehicles’ performance while using them in environmental patrols and air pollution inspections.

    hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicle Mohave, which was provided to support the G20 press tour

    Currently, global trends in the development of hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles suggest that some 100 to 200 hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered vehicles are being run primarily in the U.S., Japan and Europe, along with 15 to 40 hydrogen fueling stations, in projects to demonstrate the vehicles and the related infrastructure to the general public. Notably, Japan aims to deploy five million hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered vehicles by 2020.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government promoted Korea’s world-class, advanced hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered vehicle technology by providing hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered vehicles to assist the transportation of domestic and foreign reporters and event participants during the G20 Seoul Summit last November. During the summit, the city also operated two hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered buses as shuttles to move people from the Tancheon Parking Lot to the conference venue, effectively promoting Seoul City’s use of technologically-advanced hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicles to representatives of the participant cities and the general public as a futuristic means of transportation that emits zero pollution, including carbon dioxide and exhaust fumes.

    The number of hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered cars to be tested this time includes 19 Mohaves and 14 Tucsons. The city will receive 15 vehicles on April 21, and 18 more in late May, and will use them for two years to help improve the environment and provide administrative services for Seoul citizens at its 19 departments, including the Seoul City Environmental Protection Headquarters.