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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Opens Revamped Japanese language WAP Site

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has opened the revamped mobile WAP site (http://hiseoul.mobi), which provides information on Seoul to Japanese people, after reinforcing its functions to enable access via smart phones and significantly expanding the site’s contents and services on May 1.

    QR code for the previous mobile WAP site, QR code for the renewed mobile WAP siteThe Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a wireless internet site that is accessible via ordinary mobile phones. In 2009, the Seoul Metropolitan Government launched a mobile WAP site to promote Seoul to Japan, a market where the use of mobile services is the highest in the world.

    With the revamping of the WAP site, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has expanded its functions to allow not only ordinary mobile phone users but also smartphone users, whose demand for the service has surged in recent months, to use it more conveniently.

    By composing web pages and expanding the contents of the WAP site in a way that takes into account users, the city enhanced user convenience and the utility of the information provided. Also, the city added contents designed to introduce Seoul’s mascot, Haechi, and a menu on Seoul City Tours to help visitors to comfortably enjoy trips to the city.

    The layout of the site has also been improved. The symbolism of Seoul has been enhanced by efficiently incorporating Seoul’s symbolic color against a background image composed of hanji (traditional Korean paper) and by inserting Seoul’s landmark silhouette at the bottom.

    Meanwhile, in order to promote the renewed Japanese mobile WAP site, Seoul Metropolitan Government will conduct a month-long online PR campaign starting from the day of its launch on May 1.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide special souvenirs to the winners of sweepstakes among those who upload the special event page introducing the new mobile WAP site within the City’s official Japanese-language site (http://japanese.seoul.go.kr/mobile/mobile.php) and the QR code image onto their blogs or twitters, and then leave track backs on Japan Yahoo’s Seoul Metropolitan City official blog (http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/hi_seoul_travel).