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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Opens Mobile Map Service, “Smart Seoul Map”

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will launch the Smart Seoul Map, the City’s representative mobile map, as a smartphone app service, on May 16.

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    Smart Seoul Map is a specialized mobile service consisting of 124 basic maps and 782 types of POI (Points of Interest), which are managed based on a figurative map with a scale of 1/1,000.

    Unlike existing commercial map services, the Smart Seoul Map app presents detailed map data, including alleys and the small buildings by integrated search. By geocoding the address information of administrative data managed by government agencies, the map allows the users to check their respective locations on the map. Additionally, the map provides eight theme maps, including safe foods, personal service fee information, street addresses, address numbers, and bike paths.

    By geocoding, which converts address data into coordinates, the map enables users to pinpoint the locations of administrative facilities of the Seoul Metropolitan Government on the map using the integrated search.

    With its theme map menu, the map provides a map service comprising eight kinds of living-related contents including safe foods, eco and culture roads, bike paths, personal service fees, parking lots, new addresses, public restrooms, and address numbers.

    Smart Seoul Map can be used via iPhones (ios 4.0 or higher version) and Android phones (Android OS 2.1). The map is downloadable at the iPhone App Store and the Android Market from May 16. It will also be available for downloading at three Korean app stores from June 1.