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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Opens Integrated Foreign Language Dictionary Site

  • SMG 2279

    Official dictionary site

    Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on August 1 that it opened an official dictionary site for the translation of Korean words used on information signboards and promotional materials into English, Chinese, and Japanese.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government has provided the dictionary service (englishname.seoul.go.kr) for translation from/to English since 2002. This time, the service is expanded to Chinese and Japanese for users’ greater convenience.

    The dictionary entries are classified into 12 categories: administrative zones, public institutions, names of places, transportation, tourism/culture, shopping, food, lodging, medical service/welfare, education, mass com/religion, and residential facilities. They contain about 80,000 words (48,000 in English, 16,000 in Chinese, and Japanese).

    The site is expected to be very helpful to those interested in expressions in foreign languages and those working for tourism businesses.

    For the use of standardized and unified names of food, cultural heritage, and roads, Seoul Metropolitan Government followed the information provided by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA), and Ministry of Security and Public Administration, respectively.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government also provided a space for reporting erroneous information, if any, to be able to correct it.