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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Offers Trendy Seoul Tour Events for Young Asians

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    From August onwards, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to provide opportunities to power bloggers in the Greater China region and young people from Japan and Southeast Asia to enjoy Seoul according to various themes, including beauty, medical tourism, and traditional markets, and to promote these programs via the local media and the internet in the Greater China region, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Website of the “Second Sina Power Bloggers, Let’s Fully Enjoy Seoul” 2010 event in China 
Website  of the “Seoul's Seven Seishun” 2011 event in Japan
In order to continuously attract Chinese visitors, whose numbers have been surging lately, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will invite Chinese power bloggers in China and Korea, and hold a blog competition dubbed “Sina Power Bloggers, Let’s Fully Enjoy Seoul” (blog.sina.com.cn/lm/z/hanguo) on three occasions from September to December.

    Additionally, the City Government will open an official Seoul channel at “weibo,” the Chinese counterpart of Twitter, and invite power bloggers.

    It will also hold “Seoul’s Seven Seishun,” a type of survival game event designed to enable young Japanese people to experience Seoul for nine days from August 1. In this event, which will be conducted in collaboration with Mnet Japan, a cable channel dedicated to hallyu contents, six young Japanese people will be charged with carrying out seven missions.

    The participants will also be given an opportunity to participate as special guests in ‘Buzz Korea,’ Mnet Japan’s entertainment program.

    The participants’ experiences will be presented via Buzz Korea, which will be aired in Japan this autumn, as well as on Seoul’s official blog in Yahoo Japan, “blog.yahoo.co.jp/hi_seoul_travel), and on the YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/hiseoul).

    In addition, a Seoul storytelling competition for web users in Southeast Asia, China, and Japan will receive submissions from August 1.

    Under the theme “Creating a Seoul Tour of My Own,” participants are requested to develop unique Seoul tour programs of their own and submit them via the internet. Those who are selected through screening will be given an opportunity to go on the tours of Seoul they themselves planned. Stories of the Seoul tours that are conducted as such will be published in the local media in the form of news coverage.

    The Seoul tour contest will be held for people in the Greater China region and Southeast Asia, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, via Korea Star Daily (www.koreastardaily.com), an online hallyu culture forum in the Greater China region, as well as in Japan via Innolife (www.innolife.net), a hallyu medium in Japan.

    In order to boost hallyu in the Asian region, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to provide young Asians with an opportunity to experience Seoul, and thus create “Seoul Viral marketers” as part of its diverse measures for promoting Seoul as the hub of hallyu to a vast audience throughout Asia.