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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Offers Seoul Experience Program for Foreigners as Fall Special

  • Integrated News SMG 1692

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will conduct three rounds of the Seoul Exploration Program for Foreigners as a Special Fall Event, offering them a chance to visit must-see tourist hotspots in the City via public transportation, from September 24 to November.

    This year’s Fall Tour program will consist of three courses, namely a bike tour, a walking tour via forest (park) paths, and an exploratory visit to Seoul Fortress Walls. These courses are designed to allow participants to enjoy Seoul’s tourist hotspots and appreciate fall in the City to the maximum.

    Upon completing their exploration of Seoul, participants in the program will be invited to upload “mission photos” taken at tourist attractions and their tour essays on the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s official Facebook site, YouTube, and personal SNS to showcase graphic images of the Korean capital and share the charms of the City with people all around the world.

    The tour program, which will start on September 24, will be conducted on three occasions. Around 50 foreigners can take part in each session of the program. Those interested can apply for one of the three courses, for which participation is free.

    Foreigners wishing to participate in the first round program, scheduled for September 24, can get further details by visiting the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s English and Chinese websites (english(chinese).seoul.go.kr), or the Cultural Experience website at (www.addicted2seoul.co.kr), from September 14 to 21.

    The program will be offered on a first come, first served basis. The participants will be individually notified by September 22, and will be required to bring their foreign resident’s ID, or other forms of picture ID including passports, to confirm their identity on the day of the event.