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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Offers Occupational Training to Foreign Wives

  • Integrated News SMG 1717

     A photo of immigrant women involved in local area-focused job programs The Seoul Metropolitan Government is providing various education programs for and supporting participation in the job market of foreign wives to help them lead a stable family life and seamlessly adapt to Korean society, thereby assisting their economic self-reliance and growth as professional workers.

    By offering local area-focused job programs in city communities, the City Government is creating jobs for foreign wives married to Korean men, and helping them to become professional workers by making the most of their ability to speak their mother tongue. The application period for the second half programs is from June 24 to 30, and applications should be submitted to their local village community centers.

    Additionally, the City Government is operating education sessions on preparation for employment and new startups at twenty-three Multicultural Family Support Centers in order to help foreign wives who are finding it difficult to land a job due to their lack of Korean proficiency. Foreign wives can participate in diverse multicultural programs, including Korean language training and information on government subsidized jobs, through these facilities.

    Detailed Category Contents Operating Hours
    Education programs aimed at improving vocational capacity for employment and start up ○ Training on basic qualities and skills required in the workplace, including image making, workplace manners, and development of the appropriate mindset for employment and startups, and Korean language training
    ○ Provision of employment and startup assistance programs that take into account conditions in local regions, the needs of foreign wives living in a given area, and the characteristics of companies in each area
    – Multicultural and native language tutors, etc.
    * Examples: Training in informatization, training aimed at improving occupational capacities and skills, etc.
    All-year-round(Schedules set in accordance with timelines at local centers)
    Programs linked to employment and startups, and job introduction ○ Activities linking organizations that provide jobs with foreign wives in a given area
    * Conduct of programs by the center, or use of related agencies, including local governments, employment assistance centers, and Women Resources Development Center that introduce jobs and provide assistance for startups
    ○ Continued provision of counseling on employment and startups, and provision of information (plus operation of self-reliance clubs)
    All-year-round(Schedules set in accordance with timelines at local centers)