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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Offers Free Oriental Medical Checkup to Foreigners on Sundays

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will launch a “free Oriental medical checkup service” in collaboration with the Korean Medicine Service Team Abroad (KOMSTA), starting with ‘mobile medical counseling’ in Mongolia Town, Gwanghui-dong, May 15.

    Photo of on-site medical service in Yongsan Public Health Center at Itaewon Station

    KOMSTA is a non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Starting with a medical volunteer service in Nepal in 1993, the organization has since conducted overseas medical volunteer services on as many as 101 occasions.

    To provide the Oriental Medical Counseling service, over ten Oriental medical doctors and nurses will visit areas with substantial immigrant populations, offer medical checkups and therapies, including acupuncture and moxibustion, conduct various medical diagnoses, and provide medicines.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government said the number of foreigners living in Korea has continued to rise in recent years, but medical insurance, medical examination and diagnostic systems for foreigners have been lacking. Hence, the City Government has expanded the medical service for foreigners to include Oriental medicine on top of the Western medicines that are provided through public health centers from last April.

    For more information on the Oriental Medical Service, please call Seoul Global Center (+82-2-2075-4180)