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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Offers Foreigners Diverse Culture and Onsite Experience Events this Autumn

  • Integrated News SMG 1829

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is organizing a wide variety of cultural events and lectures for international residents to enjoy indoors and outdoors this October, with a view to helping them experience Korean culture and adapt to life in Seoul life amid the deepening autumn season.

    Global Concert, Experience of traditional arts and crafts

    A concert featuring bands from numerous countries will take place on streets of Mugyo-dong, Jung-gu during lunch hours from 12 noon every Tuesday and Thursday.

    Free Oriental medicine treatment , Tour of tourist hotspots

    The Global Village Centers and the Migrant Workers’ Centers, which are located in areas with large international populations, are organizing diverse onsite experience programs, including visits to royal palaces and museums, and workers’ camps in which Korean nationals and foreigners can participate together and communicate with each other.

    For foreigners with a keen interest in Korean culture, various lectures on traditional culture will also be offered, including lessons on how to paint the “Sagunja, namely apricot flowers, orchids, chrysanthemums and bamboo,” and “hanji (traditional Korean paper) art & craft.”

    For further information on the lectures and experience programs offered at the Seoul Global Center and the Migrant Workers’ Centers, please visit the Seoul Global Center’s website (http://global.seoul.go.kr).

    The Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center in Myeong-dong will offer a lecture entitled “At Work” to discuss organizational culture at Korean workplaces on October 20.

    Free Oriental medicine medical checkups and dental treatment will be offered during weekends to foreign migrant workers who cannot use medical services during normal working.