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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Offers, “Daejanggeum(Jewel in the Palace) Oriental Medicine” as a Free Experience to Foreigners

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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Offers, “Daejanggeum(Jewel in the Palace) Oriental Medicine” as a Free Experience to Foreigners

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is offering free Oriental medicine experiences for foreign tourists and international residents in Korea at the Yun family house in Ogin-dong, within Namsangol Hanok Village, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from October 13 to November 17. The program aims to continue to sustain the hallyu trends that are spreading all over the world and to promote the excellence of Oriental medicine, which is a major “Blue Ocean” industry with strong growth potential. (How to register: onsite application).

    The “2011 Traditional Korean Medical Tourism Experience Event” program has been organized to guide the interest of foreign tourists in Oriental medicine, which has recently heightened due to the registration of the Donguibogam (“Exemplar of Korean Medicine,” by Heo Jun) in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Program, to the expansion of medical tourists seeking Oriental medicine in Korea. “Daejanggeum(Jewel in the Palace)” is a hit drama featuring a royal chef and nurse and it has gained immense popularity worldwide.

    At the event, Oriental medicine doctors and nurses will be on standby at Namsangol Hanok Village, which is a major hotspot for experiencing Seoul culture, to provide foreign tourists with the experience of top-quality Oriental medicine treatments.

    The experience program is comprised of Oriental medicine counseling; pulse checking; Oriental medical treatments (acupuncture, cupping therapy, and the provision of Oriental herbal medication); the experience of herbal teas; and the introduction of professional Oriental medical centers to those interested.

    The program will provide more than 3,000 foreign tourists, or about 170 people per day (including some 100 who will experience Oriental herbal tea), a chance to experience Oriental medicine. The program is expected to become a must-do activity for foreign tourists, since it will be held at Namsangol Hanok Village, where diverse events for experiencing traditional culture take place.