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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Launches SYNC

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government launched [Seoul & You Networking of Creative (SYNC)], the first of its kind in the country established in KakaoAgit, on June 1.

    With its launch, a group of 300 young people engaging in creative work such as copywriters, graphic designers, commercial film directors, ad planners, and college students will be able to make proposals to Seoul Metropolitan Government through mobile devices.

    It will be a brainstorming-style operation. These people will express their ideas in mobile application KakaoAgit, and others may add their more constructive or feasible opinions to it.

    Anyone can express his/her opinions freely on matters such as child care for working parents or manhole cover with esthetic designs.

    The members of SYNC were selected from among personnel in the ad industry and academic circles and students majoring in advertising beginning last February through notices on the Internet and recommendations.

    The selected members will carry out activities for a year. They are required to submit policy proposals twice a month and take part in public-good campaign using subway, buses, or electronic bulletin board once a year.

    Working-level policy supervisors will give feedback in response to the ideas proposed on KakaoAgit. Good proposals will be adopted as a policy. The member who proposes an idea will serve as the anchor and submit to Seoul Metropolitan Government the result of development based on his/her idea and opinions expressed concerning such. Seoul Metropolitan Government will then discuss it with the participation of the idea anchor for the embodiment of good ideas.