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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Launches Revamped Customized Websites the Cater to the Characteristics of Language Regions

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    English website (before revamping), English website (after revamping)

    Japanese website (before revamping), Japanese website (after revamping)

    Chinese website (before revamping), Chinese website (after revamping)

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has revamped its websites, which are in four languages, namely English, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Japanese. The Government’s websites provide diverse contents on experience activities, including tours, culture, food, and shopping in Seoul. The Government has been hosting these websites for two years and six months, since 2009, to provide distinguished design and menu structures. On August 8 the Government will introduce these upgraded websites, which will allow for much faster loading.

    Prior to the revamping of its websites, the Seoul Metropolitan Government conducted a survey of about 100 native people from each language area, namely English, Chinese, and Japanese. The Government analyzed and secured the Seoul information and designs that were preferred by people in their respective language regions through an analysis of contents and users.

    The Government has also put into place a system that allows users to see updated contents on the website in real time when new contents are loaded on SNS promotional channels by linking these sites with its foreign language promotion channels such as Facebook and blogs.

    Also, the loading speed, which was slow when accessing the sites in foreign countries, has been significantly improved. To accelerate loading speed, the Government boldly introduced the CDN (Contents Delivery Network), and has thus sped up the loading speed from 22 seconds to 6.7 seconds in the U.S., 27 seconds to 11 seconds in China, and 6 seconds to 3.7 seconds in Japan, enabling users to view contents the moment they click on them. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has also completed its “search engine optimization service,” which causes search results on Seoul to appear high in the listings when a user types in words related to Seoul on world leading portal sites, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu.

    The revamped foreign language websites can be accessed via QR codes as well.

    The Government expects that the reshuffled websites that cater to the characteristics of different languages will enable web users of the respective languages to acquire diverse information on Seoul easily and conveniently, and will allow the city to conduct targeted marketing campaigns, in which the Government can figure out foreigners’ needs and proactively highlight contents that will be useful to them.

    English Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Japanese
    Simplified Chinese
    Traditional Chinese