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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Launches Foreign Migrant Visits to Korean Homes Program

  • Integrated News SMG 1730

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will run the “Foreign Migrant Visits to Korean Homes Program,” under which more than 100 foreigners, especially foreign migrant workers, will be invited to visit 50 Korean homes, on December 4. The City Government is recruiting Korean homes and foreigners to participate in the program until November 22.

    Dinner with foreign migrant workers, Yutnori with foreign migrant workers

    The City Government hopes the program will provide an opportunity for the Korean participants to gain a better understanding of foreigners and learn more about global culture, while enabling international residents in Seoul to experience Korean family culture and enhance their understanding of Korea, thereby helping them to adapt to life in Korea.

    Any Korean families and foreign residents in Seoul who are interested in taking part can apply. Large Korean families (of three generations), foreign migrant workers, and foreigners in family groups will be preferentially selected.

    For further details and registration, please visit the Seoul Global Center’s website (http://global.seoul.go.kr), or the websites of the seven Migrant Workers’ Centers in Seoul, and download the application form. For further information, please dial the Foreign Residents Assistance Division at +82-2-2171-2833.