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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government and Korea Development Bank to build skating rink in Yeouido Park

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    Korea Development Bank (KDB), Kiwoom Securities, Seoul Green Trust, Seoul Walk, and Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) have all worked together to build a 3,300-square-meter skating rink at the center of Yeouido Park. The rink is scheduled to open on December 22.

    Of the total area, the ice rink will occupy 2,100 square meters (70m x 30m), making it just a little larger than the Seoul Square Skating Rink (2,038 square meters).

    Additional facilities on the remaining 1,200 square meters include a ticketing office, ice skate rental station, washrooms, rest area, and booths promoting social economy enterprises and offering a variety of products to visitors.

    KDB and Kiwoom Securities have provided financial support for the construction of the skating rink, while Seoul Green Trust and Seoul Walk will assist with the installation and operation of the skating rink and various supplementary facilities.

    The Seoul Business Agency and Seoul Social Economy Center will promote outstanding social economy firms at the skating rink by operating promotional booths, and the SMG will be responsible for project planning and general administration.

    The skating rink will be set up in Yeouido Park’s Culture Square and will be open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. for a total of 55 days, from December 22 to February 14, 2016.

    Visitors will be charged for every hour and a half of use (admission: KRW 1,000; ice skates and helmet rental: KRW 1,000), and day tickets (KRW 3,000; rental: KRW 1,000) and seasonal tickets (KRW 20,000, including rental charges) will be available.

    The SMG signed a business cooperation agreement regarding the establishment of the skating rink with KDB, Kiwoom Securities, Seoul Green Trust, and Seoul Walk on December 3 at 3:00 p.m. at Seoul City Hall.

    The skating rink project was proposed last July by Hong Kyttack, chairman of KDB, a state-owned bank with its head office in Yeouido, as a new way of contributing to the local community, and was accepted by Mayor Park Won Soon with the participation of institutions and civic organizations interested in the project. As the skating rink will be situated at the center of Yeouido, an area filled with the offices of countless businesses, office workers and businesspeople will be able to wind down after work by enjoying some skating and then engaging in cultural and leisure activities at Yeouido Park or the nearby IFC Mall.